The Perfect Man Cave

October 1, 2018
The Cowboy House at the Painted Tree

It’s probably safe to say that most men dream of that perfect “Man Cave” or Den for just their stuff and a place they can show off prized possessions, right? It was no different for customer Brian W. from Tennessee. He was renovating his entire basement into his dream sports room complete from bartop to urinal. Nothing sparing, including expenses to make it exactly like he remembered previous trips to Texas Stadium. It was full of Vintage pieces from various trips to Irving to see his team play. He called Chris up one day after finding him online asking for specific items he was looking for. After a few-minute conversation Brian’s interest was piqued; he knew there was more to Chris’ “Cowboy House” than what was posted on his website and he wanted to know exactly what.


“Where are you located?” asked Brian

“Just outside of Dallas.”

“Alright, I’ll stop by tomorrow afternoon.”

“Oh, are you here on business?” Chris asked knowing he was living in Tennessee

“No, I’m at home in Tennessee. I’ll fly my jet to the Denton Municipal Airport… and I’ll come check out what you’ve got.”


As promised Brian showed up the next day. He walked on the authentic turf from the old stadium, including pieces of the end zone. Picked out an authentic locker room plate that was there the day Jimmy Johnson exclaimed, “HOW ‘BOUT DEM COWBOYS”.


“I can ship anything you’d like,” said Chris.

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll just secure them on my jet. I will call an Uber once I am done checking out your man cave.”


He picked out several relics and was on his way.  Brian has shown up several times to add to his “Man Cave” and he always leaves The Cowboy House happy, with a promise to return.



The Cowboy House name comes from my Daughter Emma. She wasn't even 4 years old yet when she asked "Why is The Cowboy House being exploded?" . We purchased approximately 25,000 stadium chairs, game used turf, locker room items, stadium signage and so much more.... we've never looked back.


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