Shipped to Canada

October 30, 2018
Shipped to Canada

A Canadian customer visited last week. He was in town for a work related conference. Kevin grew up a Cowboys fan in Edmonton but had never been to Texas Stadium or a Cowboys game. He read about The Cowboy House online and said if he could make one visit to learn more about the team he had always loved but never got to see…he had to make a visit to The Cowboy House. Kevin scheduled a tour and got to stand on pieces of the end zone, hold locker room plates, view hundreds of autographs, touch pieces of the Landry statue, walk the tunnel carpet that used to lead Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith from the tunnel to the field. He felt as if he was there. After the tour he thanked me and said he had to get to his flight. A few days later he called and said he needed a piece of Texas Stadium for his Canadian man cave. I shipped him a single Texas Stadium seat, a Daryl Moose Johnston autographed 8×10, a pewter Cowboys paper weight, authentic parking passes, tickets, and media from the old stadium. He now has a piece of the stadium he never got to visit as a young fan. Thanks for stopping in Kevin and making The Cowboy House a part of your man cave in Canada.

Customer: Kevin Donnan – EDMONTON, AB, CANADA



The Cowboy House name comes from my Daughter Emma. She wasn't even 4 years old yet when she asked "Why is The Cowboy House being exploded?" . We purchased approximately 25,000 stadium chairs, game used turf, locker room items, stadium signage and so much more.... we've never looked back.


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